Monday, 14 December 2015

How to Repair Tears on Leather Jacket

Snagged your favorite leather jacket and tore a hole through it? Your can fix the tear yourself rather than throw your fine jacket away,  Designed for soft, fine leather jackets, our repair compounds formulated to remain soft and flexible to preserve the natural look and feel of leather. The kit will permanently repair tears, holes and surface scratches.
If you leather garment is Black or Dark Brown, you can be the Leather Doctor.  Our Leather Repair Kit comes with either Black or Dark Brown. If you have any other color, send your jacket to us for repair.  We will custom mix a color to match your garment.
Leather Jacket Repair Instructions, DIY
1.   Trim the hole with a scizzor to clean up the rough edges from the tear.
2.   Cut the subpatch material slightly bigger than the hole. Insert it under the hole with the adhesive side face up.
3.   Heat the subpatch (with your hairdryer) to bond the adhesive to the leather.
4.   Mix the repair compound with your color (black or dark brown).
5.   Use the small palette knife to spread the filler compound over the hole in thin layers.  Air dry it before applying another layer. You can speed up drying with hair dryer. Thin layers yield a stronger, long lasting repair.
6.   Sand the repaired area (after it dried) with fine grit sandpaper (400 grit)
7.   Paint the repaired areas with our Leather Dye (black or dark brown). On average 3 coats will cover up the repair nicely.
Voila.  You are done!  Don't forget to pat yourself on the back for doing such a nice job! 
The 100ml dye bottle is enough to dye your jacket (medium size).  So be brave and touch up other scraped & worn out areas while waiting for the compound to dry (like: along zipper, pockets, hems, collar and cuffs).  If you think of dying the entire jacket for a new look, why not?!  Just make sure your jacket is clean before dying (or the dye won't bond well to a dirty surface).  Dye is a semi-transparent color, so some characteristics of the background is still showing thru. Meaning if your jacket has stressed or antiqued effect, it will still be visible after the first coat.
Our Leather Jacket Repair Kit includes:
·       Leather Dye, 100ml (select Black or Dark Brown)
·       Subpatch paper
·       Filler Compound 1oz
·       Pointed Pallette Knife
·       Syringe
·       2oz plastic cup
·       1in Foam Brush
·       400 grit sandpaper
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